Novelist, entrepreneur, hedge funder and chief investment officer.

Advisory Boards and Nonexecutive Boards

Andreas serves on both advisory boards and nonexecutive boards for financial services companies.

As a member of an advisory board, he is able to provide ongoing assistance on an adhoc basis. Having an experienced professional on speed dial can save both time and money. Having access to professional advice when needed, to be able to discuss your plans, strategies, and investment approach with someone who has been there and seen that, someone who has been both a hedge fund manager and an allocator.

An advisory board is an informal arrangement which can be customized to the company's needs. For a younger company, it may be more of a mentoring type of role, while an established company may need more specific advice on how to tackle certain markets, how to best expand or how to raise institutional assets.

A nonexecutive board role, with the fiduciary responsibilities and legal liabilities that come with it, requires a deeper cooperation and insight. Andreas is quite selective with his board engagements but is always willing to discuss possibilities.

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