Novelist, entrepreneur, hedge funder and chief investment officer.

Speaking Engagements

Andreas is an in-demand keynote and corporate speaker for conferences and events around the world. He has been featured at major events in New York, Las Vegas, London, Zurich, Prague, Munich, Singapore, Melbourne, and more.

He has delivered presentations on a diverse range of topics at large scale events, including motivational talks, hedge fund insights, quantitative trading, entrepreneurship, risk management, creative writing and personal finance. Andreas tries to take time from his busy schedule for two to three conference appearances each year and is available for booking requests.

These are some of the conferences and events where Andreas has been a speaker:

  • QuantCon NYC
  • QuantCon Singapore
  • MTA Symposium NYC
  • Battle of the Quants London
  • QuantInvest Munich
  • QuantExpo Prague
  • Bloomberg NYC
  • Bloomberg Singapore
  • TradeView Algo Conference Melbourne

Andreas has also done presentations at universities and is always keen to share his experiences with students.

If you are an event organizer and would like to have Andreas deliver a talk, please contact Dave Daniels at or +44 7838 405793.

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