Novelist, entrepreneur, hedge funder and chief investment officer.

A Most Private Bank

Five Days in Zurich

A Swiss Private Bank can be trusted to safeguard your most valuable secrets. That's how it's always been and that's how it was meant to always be. But this was the week where it all changed. Where old rules no longer applied.

A decade after Jim Dixon's fall from grace, after the events that burnt his career on Wall Street, his past is catching up to him. Zurich had been the perfect place for a fresh start, a place where he could be a big fish in a small pond. The perfect place to become a respectable financier, to base his very own family office. The secretive world of Swiss high finance, a world of deception, greed and excess, where everyone lies for one or another reason, provided the perfect cover.

Until she showed up.

Meeting the socialite daughter of his former client was just a courtesy, nothing more. Another spoiled princess looking for VIP tickets to the opera or a private shopping session at Louis Vuitton. So he thought. But Christina Rosenbaum was not the typical second generation heiress. This was the meeting that would set it all in motion. The meeting that would see careers destroyed, lives lost and fortunes made.

Her idea of buying a small Swiss private bank may have been easy to write off as a vanity project for a silly rich girl who probably got her first pony on her fifth birthday. If it wasn't for the others. The week before, no one had cared much about this mundane little bank. Now there were hedge funds, state actors and organized crime, all developing a sudden interest.

One way or another, come weekend it will be all over. By then, some will be left standing, others not. Caught in the middle, Jim has little choice but to play the game, see it through and do what he does best. Truth be told, had he known what that fateful meeting would set in motion, had he been given the choice to step aside, he still wouldn't have done a thing different.

Living a life of lies has consequences. At least for some.

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A Most Private Bank - Andreas F. Clenow